Payment Methods

All transactions made through this website will be in New Zealand Dollar (NZD); in your bank statement, the charge name will be “eesel”.

eWay Payments

We have partnered with eWay solutions to process customer payments when purchasing from us. eWay is a tier-one PCI-DSS compliant. This means that industry standard security protocols have been adhered to. This ensures that your data is secured when transacting in our online store at all times.

The following cards are accepted for payments.

All payments made are managed by eWay – hence, you are confident that your data and financial transactions with us is secured. For your reference, please refer to their payment terms and conditions.


To give you more shopping convenience we have partnered with AfterPay should you decide to take on deferred payments subject to prior approval by us. Our maximum limit for deferred payment purchase is at $1,000.

AfterPay option will be available at the checkout for items with up to $1,000. A deferred option is not available for any purchases above the $1,000 limit.

Our store does not accept split payments.

If you chose AfterPay as your payment, you will be required to create an account with AfterPay during checkout subject to AfterPay’s Terms and Conditions.


PayPal is a safer, easier way to send and receive money online. Select PayPal if you want to pay for your item using their gateway. Paypal will direct you on completing your purchase.

If in case you do not have an account with Paypal. You can still use PayPal to purchase any items using your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

Payment through Paypal is traceable. By using your PayPal account, you can trace the status of your payment. Visit the site for more information about Paypal.

*This will be available as back up in case there will be issues with payment integrations.


Payment using the Stripe gateway is the best way to do it. Customer payments are captured automatically by Stripe without redirection to an external payment gateway.

All payments made through Stripe are safe.

Similarly, we will, as much as possible, make sure that your information is safe and secure. We will never share your details with anyone. It is the your responsibility to make sure that you do not share your credit card details to anyone including your password and PIN.

*This will be available as back up in case there will be issues with payment integrations.